Sue Ryder Chooses Contrac for Windows 10 migration.


Sue Ryder is a charity, founded in 1953 by Sue Ryder, with the creation of a nursing home in Suffolk, UK. Sue Ryder supports people with complex needs and life-threatening illnesses, across the UK and internationally.

The organisation is dedicated to providing person-centred hospice and neurological care for people facing a frightening life-changing diagnosis.  It’s not just the expert medical care they provide – in addition to the emotional support, they take care of the practical things.

Key Implementations

The Challenge

Always looking for ways to provide a better user experience for its employees and ultimately its patients, Sue Ryder wanted to upgrade their device operating system to Windows 10.

Sue Ryder had a mix of device types manufactured by multiple vendors, which meant the migration was complex due to the existence of different technology drivers.

The Solution

Utilising Sue Ryder’s existing Windows Deployment Services server with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, combined with bespoke scripts and for the automation of remote imaging, Contrac seamlessly migrated all users to Windows 10.

We also created USB Media images to ensure that remote workers were able to upgrade in line with the rest of the organisation.

Prior to migration, Contrac undertook a comprehensive audit which provided Sue Ryder’s IT management team with a thorough report containing a detailed layout of Sue Ryder’s existing WDS environment, to ensure that there were no unexpected issues.

The implementation took around a week to complete, ensuring all users were comfortable using the new Operating Systems, and most importantly benefitting from the platform.

The Outcome

Employee productivity improved as a result of Windows 10 deployment. Stakeholders across the organisation reflected on the improvements to their work environment, and agreed that Windows 10 provides more freedom and flexibility to customise their desktop to best suit their role and responsibilities. Employees are also pleased that their user interface is consistent across all the applications they work with, regardless of whether it’s a Sue Ryder app, or a client app.