Bonus Pastor Catholic College

With a college committed to developing students’ strengths and cultivating their talents, a solid administrative support system was fundamental. Tony Wheeler, Director of Data and ICT, was tasked with ensuring the department was running smoothly and cost efficiently. One of the areas pushing the budget was their business machines. The college had a mixed fleet of A4 and A3 laser printers, both colour and monochromatic. Costs of the laser printers were running high and consequently Bonus Pastor looked to Contrac, a certified Epson reseller, to provide a solution.

JSR Group

An ageing virtualised estate and onsite backup systems, were becoming costly to maintain.

The onsite backup solution, posed a business risk in the event of a Disaster Recovery situation.

Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder operate a distribution and warehouse facility from Northampton and wanted the ability to provide a wireless network within the warehouse, to enable scanners to have network connectivity.

Sue Ryder – Windows 10

Always looking for ways to provide a better user experience for its employees and ultimately its patients, Sue Ryder wanted to upgrade their device operating system to Windows 10.

Sue Ryder had a mix of device types manufactured by multiple vendors, which meant the migration was complex due to the existence of different technology drivers.